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February 2021
Latitude 2017

Childhood: In the summertime

Ben talks festivals and that new album.
Published: 8:56 am, July 17, 2017
Childhood: In the summertime
This weekend was Latitude. Hundreds of amazing bands in the tree-lined, lake-side haven of Henham Park. We were there to bring you everything that was going on, through photos, reports, interviews and more.

Yesterday, we grabbed hold of Ben from Childhood to quiz him on festivals and that new album.

How’s it going? Having a good time?
Yeah, I’m having a good time, I’ve had a pretty busy weekend. It’s good to get here on Sunday, even though it’s late.

What have you been up to this weekend?
I played in Valencia on Friday night, at Benicassim. It was really fun actually. I slept on a beach. Benicassim will never die in me, even if I’m given the opportunity to have a good situation, I’ll always take the worst one. Sea party. Vibing. It was a good laugh. Slept on the beach for like two hours, the DJ’d at a wedding, then came here.

How’s the rest of the festival season going for you? Is it pretty packed?
It wasn’t so much at first because we announced everything quite late, in terms of festival season, but there have been a few more. They keep randomly popping up. We went from having a few to being pretty much busy every week. I think that’s pretty good. They’re pretty fun.

Your album’s out on Friday, isn’t it, so it’s quite a nice time to introduce it to people?
Yeah, I think the album’s quite summery, it would have been weird releasing it in the gloomy months of February, which is when we wanted to. But I think its definitely contextualised at the moment weather-wise. I never really believed in that stuff, but I think it does make a difference. It has in our case.

People want to feel what they’re listening to.
It makes everything a bit more easy to talk about as well. Everyone’s like, “It’s a summery vibe”, and I’m like, yep I’ll go with that. I’ve been pretty happy with it because we haven’t really played music as Childhood for like three years, so it’s always a bit of a gamble, but everyone’s been really receptive to it, so I can’t really ask for more than that.

[caption id="attachment_20686" align="alignright" width="1500
Photo: Poppy Marriott / Dork[/caption]
"pull" text="We want to do a lot more things in the realm that we’re operating in now.

What’s it like bringing that to a festival crowd?
It’s been pretty good, man. It’s been a lot more enjoyable because we used to have a breezy sound, but it was always a bit serious, more serious than we are as individuals. I think this record is a lot more interactive and a lot more of a party onstage, whereas it used to be a little bit more dependent on our moods. I know that’s never really an excuse, but it was kind of a little bit like that. It works at festivals.

So have you played here before?
We played on the Lake Stage three years ago, yeah. I can’t even really remember it; I was so drunk, I’ve got to be honest. I had a good time, we stayed most of the weekend, and it was really fun. They make it quite easy for you here, you’re not really working too hard, you’re not slugging about everywhere, everything’s quite close. It’s good, yeah.

What other festivals have you played at this year?
Benicassim, we did one in France, two in France, we did one in Holland, we did one in… I can’t even remember, man. I think we’ve done about seven festivals so far, and they’ve all been really good. They’ve been spread out across like a small area of Europe.

How do you find the European festivals?
It’s chill yeah, it’s really easy. If you’re into English speaking indie or rock’n’roll or pop music, you have to relate to it, or if you do relate to it it’s because you understand it in some way, so it’s always really easy. We don’t take it for granted though.

What’s the future like for you guys?
I think the future for us is to consolidate what we’ve realised we want to do as a band. The first album was like very much a mixtape like thing it was still very formative, trying to figure out what our identity was. Now we know what it is, we want to consolidate that, and feel musically accomplished. Anything on top of that is great, but we know that we want to do a lot more things in the realm that we’re operating in now.

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