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August 2018

Catholic Action: "We just follow what excites us."

They don’t know where they’re going, but it’ll be exciting.
Published: 10:00 am, July 27, 2016
Catholic Action: "We just follow what excites us."
We fell in ‘LUV’ with Catholic Action’s debut single, but it turns out there’s a whole bunch of released music floating around their Glasgow hometown - not that we can get to it.

“We put out eleven tracks over the year before ‘LUV’ via limited edition cassette, no downloads just 50-100 cassettes at a time. They’re all sold out. They’re all gone,” starts frontman Chris McCrory. There’s still hope though.

“If you come to one of our houses, we can play them for you,” offers drummer Ryan Clark.

And while the band are hoping to pull together a compilation of those tracks for release through FUZZKILL Records at some point in the future, they aren’t spending much time dwelling on the past.

Following the sold-out run of cassettes and a string of cobbled together Scottish tours that saw people standing on whatever they could to get a glimpse of the action, Catholic Action realised they were onto something.

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“After that, it started to get more serious. It’s just been a total surprise though. I’ve just been making these records in my bedroom because we wanted to mess about and see what happened.”

And while their loftiest ambition used to be releasing a vinyl for their mates in Glasgow, now it’s much more open. Currently in the midst of recording with Margo Broom, the band are looking to get an EP out this September, with an album to follow. “She’s so much more rock’n’roll than we are,” explains Chris.

“She pushed us so much, I was in tears in front of her. She actually bought me to tears but the stuff she’s got out of us has been really worth it. When you get a song back and you play it ten times in a row, you know you’ve nailed it.”

As much as the band are pushing forward in every direction imaginable. “It still feels like Catholic Action. We’re still at that stage where we’re discovering ourselves but it’s starting to define itself. We never say exactly where we want to go, it just tends to happen. We just follow what excites us.”

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