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November 2019

Boston Manor’s Slam Dunk Survival Guide

Why you’d put your life in the hands of a band is beyond us, but feel free.
Published: 9:58 am, April 26, 2017
Boston Manor’s Slam Dunk Survival Guide
Boston Manor are playing Slam Dunk next month alongside Enter Shikari, Don Broco, Deaf Havana, Beartooth, We Are The Ocean, Tonight Alive, Set It Off, Waterparks, Against Me!, The Bronx, Memphis May Fire, Black Foxxes, Decade, Turnover and loads more. It's a very long list. Being the helpful chaps they are, they've put together a survival guide for anyone thinking of heading over to the Bank Holiday Weekend event.

1. What to bring
As little as possible. The last thing you want is to be lugging around a bag with a load of shit you're not even gonna need. Put your money in your sock, your phone in a tight pocket and go have fun. That way you're not worried about losing stuff; and you can stage dive as much as you want!

2. What to wear
A warm hoodie or jumper, if it's too hot you can tie it round your waist. Coincidentally we actually sell hoodies! Maybe you pop by our merch table? Maybe you buy one.....

3. Top tips
Stay hydrated, chances are it's gonna be warm, and just being in a crowd can dehydrate you. If you're gonna stage dive, make sure you give it the beans. I'm talking front flips, salmon dives etc. No one likes a half hearted, limp stage dive. Also get to the stages early, particularly the smaller ones as they often reach capacity and you might miss the band you want to see.

4. Five must-not-miss acts
Seaway: Go check out the boys, guaranteed a good time. Plus they need all the support they can get; so just humour them and put up with it.
Trophy Eyes: Certified bangers. The new record is great, if you haven't heard it then don't sleep on it.
Crime In Stereo: Because it’s Crime in stereo.
Enter Shikari: I'm really looking forward to hearing that record live again. One of the first club gigs I ever went to was Enter Shikari in Liverpool in 2006; so it's gonna be a real nostalgia trip for me. It's gonna be a great show.
Turnover: Great people, great band. We had the pleasure of touring with them last year, and got to watch them play every night. Definitely don't miss them.

5. Best bit about last year’s SD
The shows! Some of the funnest sets we've played, the rooms were at capacity and people went mad; it was a real highlight of the year for us.
Also just getting to see so many friends over one weekend was great. Hopefully there'll be more of the same this year.

Slam Dunk takes place across Birmingham, Leeds and Hatfield during the May Bank Holiday weekend, 27th-29th May. Visit for all the info.

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