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November 2020

Bloxx talk Truck, mud and their much-hyped first album: "Our debut will be important"

Catch the newcomers at Truck Festival this weekend.
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Published: 10:24 am, July 16, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Bloxx talk Truck, mud and their much-hyped first album: "Our debut will be important"

We’re super excited to be heading to Truck this weekend, as pretty much all our fave bands are playing. There’s former Dork cover stars George Ezra, Blaenavon, Fickle Friends, Black Honey, Dream Wife, Marika Hackman, Pale Waves, Peace, and The Big Moon (phew), as well as so many buzzy up-and-comers - Whenyoung, Sorry, Bad Sounds, Anteros… - we’re not quite sure how we’re going to pack them all in. One of the hypiest acts on the bill are Bloxx, who made their way onto last year’s line-up via a band competition. For 2018, they’re back with a slew of new material.

Hi Fee, how’s it going?
Feeling a little tired after Community Fest yesterday, but enjoying the sunshine nevertheless!

What’ve you been up to lately, have you played many festivals yet this year?
We're about to start playing a bunch over the summer; we've had a few in early summer, so we're geared up for the rest of the year!

Are you looking forward to Truck? You were there in 2017 too, right? How did that come about?
We are really Looking forward to getting back to Truck since last year was our first and best festival so far! We were band app's last year, and we won a space on the Market Stage, right back to where it started this year! We adore Truck!

Did you see anyone especially good last year?
Last year was just a tiny bit muddy, and we all wore our best shoes unfortunately so we didn't get to see as many bands as we would've like to, but Will Joseph Cook and The Night Cafe were sick!

Any tips for first-time attendees?
Fee's top tips for first timers - if it rains, wear wellies. If it's hot, drink a cold beer. Finally, if you're about early afternoon on Sunday 22nd July, we are playing a fat set at the Market Stage.

Your new track ‘Second Opinion’ is great, tell us about its inception?
So 'Second Opinion' came at about after testing out a new fender at Regent sounds guitar shop, I couldn't stop playing these three chords, and it just happened.
We played it for about a year, recorded it, waited a little bit, and now it's out in the big bad world! It's sort of like the bands newborn baby in the sense that it means so much to us!

Will you be airing any new material at festivals this summer?
So much new material that we can't wait to play this summer to thousands of people!!

Are you guys currently working towards an album, or is that not really on the cards at the mo?
We are definitely working towards a collection of songs! Whether that be an EP first then an album we'll find out, but what we have so far we are insanely proud of and can't wait to get it out there!

What will your mission statement be for your debut, do you think?
Our debut will be important, and I think the reason we are taking our time over it is because we want to get it 100% right. Mission statement: to please ears, make people have a little dance, possibly world domination? Something like that, hahaha.

What’s been your favourite album of 2018 so far?
Tricky question. I'm a big Drake fan, so I'm into his new one a lot. I'd say my fave so far is 'Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life' by The Wombats!

Your autumn tour is bloody massive, have you spent that long on the road before? How do you prepare for such a long time away from home?
Earlier this year we were pretty much on tour for two months it was pretty sweeet! We love being on the road and playing every night to new people!
I don't think we ever prepare enough if I'm honest, someone always runs out of underwear by the end of the first week. We need a primary endorsement, haha!

Anything else we should know?
We have some of our favourite pieces of music coming out later this year, keep an eye out! And if you're around any festivals this summer, come see four mates play a rock show.

Bloxx play Truck from 20th-22nd July. Visit for more information.

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