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Bloxx: "It's really mad"

Meet London four-piece Bloxx, your new favourite band.
Published: 12:27 pm, November 06, 2017
Bloxx: "It's really mad"
Releasing indie banger after indie banger and supporting heavyweights such as former Dork cover stars INHEAVEN and Sundara Karma - Bloxx have made quite an entrance.

"Paul is a bass maestro, Tazz is a riff master, Moz can put the perfect drums over anything you give him, and I write the lyrics," Fee says, summing Bloxx up in the most delightfully modest way. Focusing their sound around what will make for the most exciting live experience, a method which is undeniably serving them well, their infectious, edgy, melodies are still very much finding their feet. "We just play around with things and try and make them sound like us."

‘Curtains' sees Bloxx channel aggression, while ‘You' and ‘Your Boyfriend' are pure indie-pop bliss, and recent hit ‘Coke' sees them drench themselves in grungey, indie realness. "I wrote the song two years ago, as an acoustic track, released it on my own, re-recorded it and now I've been waiting months to be able to release it," Fee says.

But, it's not just the creation of indie bangers that they're making look easy - Bloxx came together as a band after meeting partly through college and partly through working at 'Spoons, where coincidentally frontwoman Fee is on her way to work right now. "It's been pretty seamless," she says. "Like, it wasn't really a ‘Let's be a band' thing, it was more of a 'Let's play together here and there because it's fun'." Even their name came to them by chance thanks to a Maoam Bloxx sweet wrapper that was on the floor outside their practice room the second time that they'd ever practised.

"pull" text="I don't think I stopped shaking…

Being based in the musically thriving city of London has definitely had its perks. With so many opportunities around every corner, they've already appeared at Phil Taggart's Slacker and Abbie McCarthy's Good Karma Club. With buzzy gigs flying to them left, right and centre, Fee says supporting The Wombats at Brixton Academy was a particular highlight. "I don't think I stopped shaking for a while after that," she reveals.

They'd only been with their management for three days when their opening Slacker slot supporting Sundara Karma came to them; now they're supporting them once more, this time for part of Sundara's UK tour. Pair that with a week-long string of dates with INHEAVEN and King Nun, and it's fair to say that they're doing pretty well for themselves. "It's really mad," Fee laughs. "We love King Nun they have such a massive live show. To be on the same bill as them, let alone above them in the billing, is mental."

Performing to a packed-out tent at Truck over the summer and with a slot in Neighbourhood Festival's second year, it's been a great twelve months for Bloxx. They have big aims for 2018 too, wanting to put an EP out, tour more and with hopes to play at "all of the UK festivals." There's a whole lot more of Bloxx about to be thrust into our lives - and we can't wait.

Taken from the November issue of Dork, out now.

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All round to Sports Team's! Introducing the new issue of Dork, out Friday

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