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February 2021

Bloody Knees: "It doesn't always go your way; it doesn't always come up Milhouse"

The boys are back with new EP, ‘Maybe It’s Easy’.
Published: 10:28 am, October 11, 2017
Bloody Knees: "It doesn't always go your way; it doesn't always come up Milhouse"
Noise making scallywags Bloody Knees are back with a new EP, and a renewed enthusiasm, says bassist Sam.

It feels like it’s been ages since we last heard from you guys, what’ve you been up to over the past year or so? Any major life changes?
Yeah, it's been a while. We never actually stopped doing the band, still played the odd show and have been writing music. We just found it hard to commit full time. I guess when you get older, living at home with your rents (in the middle of the Cambridgeshire countryside) and waiting on something to happen got a bit tiring. We were always writing and recording but were never that happy with the outcome. Me and Bradley moved to London, and the Wilkes bros moved to Cambridge. As soon as we started doing more things with our own lives, the music started sounding better. To the point where we had five songs that we were really proud of.

‘Not Done’ seems an apt track to return with. What can you tell us about your ‘Maybe It’s Easy EP’? What’s it about?
Yeah, I mean because we have constantly been writing, the change in sound doesn't feel too drastic. But it's definitely a step up. It's a rock record. We didn't try to make something that was trying to pigeonhole itself or sound super inventive.

Where did you write and record this one? Did you approach it any differently to your earlier material?
The EP was written mostly when we were back in Cambridge, some songs we have had for two years, some six months. Some of these songs were the first that we actually hashed out as a band together and that was really fun. We all write in very different styles, so having that come together and make one song was really cool.

"pull" text="Waiting on something to happen got a bit tiring.

Have you started to think about putting together an album? Is it on the agenda?
God yeah the album, is that something we have to do now that this is a thing again? Okay, so we are back writing again and have another collection of songs and a sound which again is evolving. I think another EP and we are probably ready to put a full-length out. Don't stress me out though, please.

What do you think is the most important lesson you guys have learnt during your time in Bloody Knees?
To never take it too seriously. Yes, the music you write is serious and you do need to be fully committed. But, with music, it doesn't always go your way. People will always tell you it's great, but then it doesn't always come up Milhouse. Have fun with it; you're travelling around with your mates playing shows. Try to not get down about it and be open to the fact that sometimes it doesn't go your way. I actually think that once you let that guard down, you start getting better results.

You’re off on tour this October - are you all well-behaved on the road, or do you get up to shenanigans?
Listen, we party hard okay.

Will you be airing any new tracks live while you’re out?
Of course, the setlist will be a nice mix of new and old.

Finally, recommend us some new bands?
Vinyl Staircase own the Brighton punk scene right now and are one the most exciting things to happen to that kinda music in a long time.

Taken from the October issue of Dork, out now. Bloody Knees’ EP ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ is out 13th October.

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