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December 2020 / January 2021

Black Honey: "We want to make a perfect debut LP. Our standards. Our terms"

Honey to the B.
Published: 11:25 am, January 13, 2017
Black Honey: "We want to make a perfect debut LP. Our standards. Our terms"
In Dork’s December/January issue (feat. The 1975, out now), we tackled a bunch of our favourite new bands - the ones whose gigs buzz with excitement, who inspire more devotion in their fans than Emmerdale does from our grans, and who will undoubtedly make 2017 special.

Hey Izzy Bee, how have you found 2016? What was the most exciting thing that happened for Black Honey?
I think the most exciting thing for us has been 2016 as a whole, touring Japan and Korea, playing for Roberto Cavalli at Milan fashion week, making a western in the desert and sold out tours, the list is endless.

What do you think has been the biggest music-related news story of 2016?
For us musically - the death of Bowie. I still have recurring dreams where he is teaching me how to write songs. On an emotional level for us the biggest thing this year has been the Trump and Brexit situation.

What song would you crown banger of the year?
Banger of the year for us would be, ‘Baby's Alright’ by INHEAVEN. We are massive fans of theirs and this song has a perfect 70s New York punk spirit.

What’s top of your bucket list for 2017?
To make a perfect debut Black Honey LP. Our standards. Our terms.

How was your tour with Dream Wife? Are you guys best buds now?
We love the Dream Wife guys; I think Alice is one of the most interesting guitarists of our generation. It’s rare to see a guitarist these days master their tone through their amp alone, not supported by a crutch of pedals. I think this raw purist quality is so special; it kind of makes me wonder if things now are a little lost in translation?

You’ve not long shot your first ever music video - how was it? How was the concept developed?
The video comes from a story I wrote in my journal about a girl who’s trying to escape her ever-present demons represented by the omen of a human heart. Lyrically the song is empowering in a kind of ‘shit happened’ looking forward kind of way, so it was really interesting for us to explore this idea from the other angle; her struggles and her efforts put into perspective. She goes to the desert to bury her heart, but the end twist reveals the darkness is ongoing.

If you could wave a magic wand and have one thing of your choosing happen in 2017, what would it be?
Our album would set the whole world on fire, inspiring people to fall in love, dance and have sex all night to our music. We would travel the world, meet amazing people and bring people together. Then Richard Branson would invite us on the Virgin Galactica space shuttle to do a gig in space or on the moon.

Which album are you most looking forward to being released next year?

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2017?
We will. I don’t think we’d be doing what we’re doing if we didn’t believe in it.
"stopper" ]

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