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Black Honey: living the dream

Global rule and shows in space - Black Honey have it all nailed down.
Published: 9:45 am, July 12, 2016
Black Honey: living the dream
To say Black Honey are having an alright time is a bit of an understatement.

“It’s a dream,” starts frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips. “Life at the moment is absolutely crazy, and it feels like we’re living some weird, really badly written film.” “Like if we tried to write a film,” offers bassist Tommy Taylor. The pair are sat in their local, sharing a vegetarian platter ahead of another hectic Great Escape weekend in their hometown, Brighton. But the band, rounded off by guitarist Chris Ostler and drummer Tom Dewhurst, are used to hectic. It’s all they’ve known for the past twelve months.

“It’s quite a lot to take in when you think how many years we’ve been locked away in a studio, writing songs, being on the dole or whatever and it’s gone from nothing to touring constantly,” explains Izzy. “Busy busy busy. It’s everything we’ve ever dreamt of but it’s so fast, you almost forget that. It’s mayhem. We’ve been to Europe like, seven times, we went to Dubai, we played Milan fashion week, we made an EP, we’ve all been doing our jobs as well.” The whirlwind has left the band feeling “like anything can happen now and we’ll be fine,” but from the off, Black Honey has felt different.

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“It’s the only coherent thing we’ve ever done together. The bands we were in before, me and Izz just pissed about. It’s about finding yourself and what you want to do but when we started Black Honey, it just naturally grew into this thing that four people have this shared vision for.”

And as for what’s next: “We’re working that out at the moment,” admits Tommy. “We’ve been writing a load recently. We’ve got loads of stuff half-recorded so we’ve got this half-finished backlog. We’re working out what to put out next. Hopefully we’ll be putting music out in early autumn. That’s the plan, but knowing us… we don’t do very well with plans. We’ve got one eye on an album as well. We’ve always wanted to take our time with it, it’s that cliche but you only get one shot at your first record. It’s your first big impression.”

“It’s an evolving idea, our album. Every time we think we know what it’s going to be, we’ll write a few more songs and it takes another turn.” The band want to enjoy their festival-heavy summer and see what they write off the back of that. There’s a trip to Japan the band are particularly looking forward to (“it seems the most alien. We’ve never been anywhere like that.”) with their hearts set on experiencing cat cafes, robot toilets, Hello Kitty and Manga: “I’m not sure how much cat cafes and robot toilets will influence our songs, but you never know.”

The band are being tentative with locking down an outline with their debut full-length, because “we want to make it the best thing we ever make so if we die the day the album is released, it doesn’t matter ‘cause we gave it absolutely everything.”

“Well, our mums would be sad,” replies Tommy, but Izzy’s mind isn’t for changing: “It’s what they can remember us by,” she says with a wicked grin. “We want to take over the world and play a gig on the moon.”
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All round to Sports Team's! Introducing the new issue of Dork, out Friday

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