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Bites For Starters: Welcome in the dreamland chills of A House In The Trees and new cut ‘Tuesday Afternoon’

We chat collaborations, The Rising Sun and Cowl - yes, you better Google that one
Published: 9:40 am, August 10, 2017
Bites For Starters: Welcome in the dreamland chills of A House In The Trees and new cut ‘Tuesday Afternoon’
Hey. Didn’t see you there. We’re Bites For Starters - a moreish delight that lands on your plate with the freshest new music and bands we can find that has up in an absolute frenzy. It’s all about giving you the facts and the stats on some of the most exciting music that flows through Dork HQ, the lowdown way in advance of the future soundtracks we’ll all be spinning.

Vibes. We may cringe at the word, but we all bloody love it and if there’s an act slap-bang ready to feed into the aura and air around us, then it’s definitely A House In The Trees. Not just a band, but a project of constant discovery, A House In The Trees was born out of the bedroom of Sam Hatchwell - and since then has pulled in an entire community of creative South-Londoners and beyond into its orbit. Co-founding their own space at an old South London boozer called The Rising Sun, it’s been repurposed into a underground venue and creative vehicle that has their stamp firmly plastered on all aspects, as the hub of an entire scene. Parties, shows and more - it's a place that should be firmly circled on your maps.

Displayed firmly in the shimmering pulls of ‘Summertime’, A House In The Trees are embarking on their most defiant and rich era to date with latest EP ‘What Am I Supposed To Do?’, landing on September 14th. Taking a pinch of Massive Attack, a slice of J Dilla and a whole heap of atmospheric feels, listening to A House In The Trees is a sensation like no other. Space., the tips of your fingers and beyond, it’s a blanket that we’re currently wrapped in and here’s a report - it’s pretty sensational. Especially with new cut ‘Tuesday Afternoon’.

Featuring the tones of Lucinda from Peckham blenders ALASKALASKA, it’s a kick-back gulp of refreshing icy swoons, and one that finds us stopping everything we’re doing and basking in its glory.

Only right then, that we find out a bit more about A House In The Trees - with a delightful range of Bites right after their Starter course of new numbers ‘Tuesday Afternoon’. Stop whatever you’re doing, you need to take this moment to escape what’s going on in the world.

That ethos of collaboration and expansive sounds stem out of their key inspirations.
The 90s was an important time for music and for mass scale collaboration. You could see this in some of the more important artists that inspired us like Massive Attack and UNKLE (James Lavelle hit us up pls)

Their name stems from a bit of a hairy accident involving, you guessed it, some trees
When Sam was little, a tree fell over on his house. He was however saved by another tree. The ambition is slightly different from our love of trees though. Its emphasis is on exploration and collaboration of audiovisual worlds.

Whilst there is a core foundation of artists involved in A House In The Trees, it’s very much a project that shifts and changes with new members becoming involved and expanding. This isn’t just a band, but an open door to all
For this EP, there is a snapshot of artists who play the key roles in the creation of the music. However we are always meeting new people and working with new people and that will most likely remain fluid throughout the future. Specific shout out to Dan and India, and Lucinda from ALASKALASKA, she has always been a huge inspiration to us and an amazing musician to work with.

Each member adds their own element to A House In The Trees, taking it beyond just music, but into visuals and production too. It’s a freedom that allows them to explore all sorts of different paths, with plenty more to come
We come from different mediums and thats what we think can give a project so much scope. Although Sam thinks of things in a production sense, Cam in a musical sense and Geraint in a visual sense, our output is always on the same page. (We all really like music though as well)

Everything that comes from A House In The Trees is born at The Rising Sun, something that came to them right in the early days of finding their feet
The Rising Sun was a freak accident/blessing at a time where we needed somewhere to call home (for ourselves and for AHITT). There was always talk of a “HQ” and The Rising Sun kinda filled that criteria. We built the studio and the venue from scratch and we have a community based around it that we are truly proud of. (You all know who you are)

The Rising Sun is now its own world of creativity and experimentation - one that feeds into A House In The Trees (LOOK OUT FOR THE MOUNTAINS)
It is indeed safe to say that we don’t necessarily take part in the real world and the Rising Sun is one of the reasons for that. Finding communal, creative and comfortable spaces is something we value highly and will continue to do. (HINT. Look out for the mountains next year)

They’re taking great care with how they present A House In The Trees live, one that will be fully realised in years to come
Live is always something we have wanted to take further than a 2D presentation. Although we aren’t at a level where we can realise all of our ideas, our emphasis is on the relationship between the visual aspects of the project with the music. (HINT there will also be some exciting extras to look out for).

A House In The Trees is forever spilling with ideas, something they want to grasp and explore while helping others to find that too
We have a lot of ideas and the main objective is to find a way that we can realise those ideas to the best of our abilities and hopefully give people a chance to step out of the real world for just a moment. The south London creative community will continue to grow and we will do what we can to help but there are places out there in the world who need an opportunity in the first place and thats also something we cannot ignore.

If A House In The Trees was a meal, we’re all going to be healed
Cowl, the welsh stew. It has magical healing powers and its just vegetables and water.

Vegetables, water and an unquenchable thirst for new boundaries. A House In The Trees, you have us. They’re set to headline London’s Bermondsey Social Club on September 21st, so snap them tickets up while you can - fitting quite nicely after debut EP ‘What Am I Supposed To Do?’ lands on September 14th.

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