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December 2020 / January 2021

Bites For Starters: Forever Cult shatter back with the urgent new video for ‘Codeine’

The snarling trio chat about returning with a dangerous sound, growing as a band and bonding over cheap cigarettes, premium larger and loud as fuck music
Published: 11:00 am, June 22, 2017
Bites For Starters: Forever Cult shatter back with the urgent new video for ‘Codeine’
Yep. That’s right. It’s Bites For Starters. Another course of fizzing new music that’s got us up and about in the office, and that we need to shout about right now. That’s the sort of thing we do, y’know - and if there’s ever a band kicking in the front doors and searing to twist things up from the first second, it’s Forever Cult.

Now, you may have heard of this trio before - after chucking out some storming fuzzy favourites over the past few years, but now they’re back with an added purpose. A band growing and developing to find their sound, and one ready to tear apart any summer-night chills with a dosage of high-octane, menacing punk. Forming themselves around the vibrant Leeds scene that’s scorching out some of the most visceral bands of the moment, their return with new number ‘Codeine’ is designed purely for the loudest of speakers in the sweatiest of venues - with the sweat basically dripping off of every scratch and cry that hits through its two minute forty second lifespan. To the point with a gnarling look in their eyes, the trio (made up of lead singer Kieran Clarke, drummer Aaron Snowdon (aka Snowy) and bassist Alex Greaves) are a vital bite of something truly refreshing.

Ahead of the release of their ‘Homewrecker’ EP on July 7th and a string of shows across the country that very month (including a special EP launch show at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds) they’ve now got a video for ‘Codeine’, which features that long-awaited hoopla we could see coming over the horizon between Mickey Mouse and a Clown, and a bit of an odd time with some ghosts. Now that’s an evening we’ve all had right?

So sit back, relax (not too much) and tuck into the Bites of Forever Cult below to find out more on why you shouldn’t bloody miss out on these lot. That is, right after you have that Starter course of ‘Codeine’.

Forever Cult met at University, and bonded over some pretty essential things…
Snowy: We all met at university. Myself and Kieran started as a 2 piece, went into the studio with Alex (our bass player) to record an EP. One thing lead to another, and Alex joined the band. It just made sense. He was just as excited about the tunes we'd brought to him at Peak Studios. Since then we've just bonded over cheap cigarettes, premium lager and playing some loud as fuck music, and i'm glad that we continually get to do it.

There’s a real mix of influences for them as a band, which ultimately come together to define what Forever Cult is
Snowy: We're all massive fans of Cloud Nothings, Real Estate, DIIV and Wavves - so that kind of Grungey / Punk element has shone through for us. We've also bonded over our love for The Police, Radiohead & Queens Of The Stone Age so a real mix there!

They’re all about the live show - playing at the likes of Reading & Leeds and having some storming nights in Hull
Snowy: We played some great shows at the back end of 2016... We had the Clue Club Party and we've played the BBC Introducing stage as part of Reading & Leeds a couple of times... that was surreal. We didn't really know what to expect, and both shows were amazing. Also we fucking love Hull. I know it's the City of Culture this year, so has heightened press at the moment for live music, but we've had some stormers in that city, and our last headline show at the Adelphi was great.

Alex: The chance to play across the country to people who know ours songs is always an amazing experience. It looks like we might finally get to go out and tour Europe next year as well which will be amazing.

They’ve learnt how to spread things out as a band - after their first EP was only 7 minutes long and include a minute of solid feedback
Snowy: We definitely know how to write tunes that are longer than 1 minute, 30 seconds / 2 minutes now haha. We just have more maturity and we know where we want these tracks to go. Some points, we'd jam them out and go 'yeah that's done fellas - let's get a beer', whereas now the process is a little longer and we're always trying to make it the best it possibly can be.

The band took a break recently to do their own things, with new EP ‘Homewrecker’ being born out of their reconvened sessions
Snowy: I feel like our sound is really developing now - for the first time in a while, we're all on the same wavelength musically. I'm always amazed at what bangers Kieran brings to the table. We kind of gel really well and all have different ideas of what direction the tune wants to go in and that process is something we've always enjoyed as a band!

Alex: It's been easy for us to rely on Kieran to write good songs, but I feel like we're striving to do a bit more now.

That ‘Homewrecker’ EP is not Forever Cult playing it safe at all, and they’re still discovering what their sound exactly is
Alex: It's been so long since we recorded this (‘Codeine’) that it's been slightly surreal releasing it but it's been great to get a good reaction to its release. I feel like some may be slightly surprised by the sound of it. We could have written poppy/fuzzy songs like we have before but we're trying to challenge ourselves and always trying to find our sound. We're not there yet but we're getting closer.

Forever Cult are focused on exactly what they want to do, with a debut album potentially on the horizon…
Snowy: It’s really wicked to get new music out to people again. We spent a good year just waiting about to release it and waited on some things to kind of happen that didn't. We met up a while back, and just decided we were going to do this because we love making music. For a while we chased and chased this big rock and roll dream, then realised we didn't have the money / time to bother haha. So from now on, we're going to work towards what we want to do, and work towards making our debut album in 2018.

Forever Cult as a meal has a hint of the exotic, the greasy and well... the Tesco
Snowy: If it was Kieran, I reckon he'd be a Tesco / Sainsbury's Meal Deal - some form of Pasta Pot / Walkers Crisps / Fanta action.  Me personally, I'm fucking loving cooking at the moment, so i'd want us to be a Jambalaya because that shit is incredible. Alex would 100% be a slimy Hot Dog covered in Mustard. (Don't ask), but we have the greatest story on earth relating to Greaves & Hot Dog-Gate...

You need to experience Forever Cult live, because they’re promising a bloody good show
Snowy: We’re pretty in your face and if the crowd are up for it, we're going to give you a loud / sweaty gig which will have a sprinkling of pop melodies thrown in. If you've never seen us before, give us a chance!

Don’t worry guys, we’ll find out about Hot Dog-Gate….

Forever Cult are spinning all over the country during July, with their run of dates laid out below. Make sure you’re there alright?

05 LONDON Sebright Arms
06 MANCHESTER Castle Hotel
07 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
08 SHEFFIELD Record Junkee

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