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December 2019 / January 2020

Bangers of the Year (So Far) Q&A: Superorganism

We talk 'Everybody Wants To Be Famous' and an album completed second record.
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Published: 8:21 pm, July 28, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Bangers of the Year (So Far) Q&A: Superorganism

We’re more than half way through the 2018 auditing period, Dear Reader. That means it’s time to pull down the shutters, call in the staff, and do a stock check on the only thing that counts. Cold, hard Bangers.

We’ve run the sums, calculated the co-efficients, and come up with our definitive top 50 tracks of the year so far. You can read the full run down now in the new issue of Dork, or keep pace on over the next few days as we count down.

As we go, we'll be checking in with some of 'the bands' to chat about the songs that made the list. Superorganism are one of the most exciting new acts on the block, fizzing with gang energy and directing it in ever more brilliant ways. Of all their tracks, 'Everybody Wants To Be Famous' gets us up and moving most - we caught up with Emily from the collective to talk more.

Hi Emily, tell us about how you guys wrote ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ - what inspired it?

It's one of those things that's hard to argue with. Everyone uses social media to make themselves feel more respected, more understood, more important. We do the same thing.

Did it evolve much between its initial conception and the single version?
We all live together in London, and we do everything ourselves in our bedrooms, so hell yeah. We did like twenty mixes on this one, trying different things. 

When did you first realise it was a special track?
When we gave our record label Domino the whole album, and they said hell yeah that's a single. Honestly to me, all our songs are singles. They're my kids. I can't pick them out I'm way too close.

"Our new album is almost finished, we wanna release it as soon as. We don't like to fuck around."
Emily, Superorganism

Does it rank in your fave Superorganism songs?
For me personally, I love it when our fans love a song. Cause I make songs all day every day that I LOVE. Finding songs that click with other people is a whole new trip for me.

What it is about the song that resonates with people, do you think?
That's the million dollar question. Damn, I dunno. All you can do is be honest and see what happens.

How does the song make you feel, is it a fun one to perform?
Hell yeah, I love this one. We play this song in like Romania, and then in I dunno, Amsterdam, then Chicago, then Tokyo- People respond to it which is the whole deal I guess.

What’s the daftest thing you’ve ever done to try and further the band, or ‘be famous’?
Well, it isn't about being famous, but I mean we all gave up our normal lives to be a touring band. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Feels like the bare minimum you have to do if you're living waaaay away from the action. But it's all about leaving where you're from to do the thing you wanna do. 

What else are you guys working on at the mo? 
Our new album is almost finished, we wanna release it as soon as. We don't like to fuck around.

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