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December 2020 / January 2021

Bangers of the Year (So Far) Q&A: Let's Eat Grandma

We talk bangers with our list topping, triple crown winners.
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Published: 8:22 am, July 29, 2018Words: Samantha Daly. Photos: Jennifer McCord.
Bangers of the Year (So Far) Q&A: Let's Eat Grandma

We’re more than half way through the 2018 auditing period, Dear Reader. That means it’s time to pull down the shutters, call in the staff, and do a stock check on the only thing that counts. Cold, hard Bangers.

We’ve run the sums, calculated the co-efficients, and come up with our definitive top 50 tracks of the year so far. You can read the full run down now in the new issue of Dork, or keep pace on over the next few days as we count down.

As we go, we'll be checking in with some of 'the bands' to chat about the songs that made the list. 

It’s no surprise that Let’s Eat Grandma have wormed their way into our Bangers of the Year (So Far); they’ve given us plenty to bang on about this year (hoho), first with ‘Hot Pink’, then with ‘It’s Not Just Me’ and ‘Falling Into Me’ too. 

Hey! ‘Hot Pink’ has topped Dork’s Bangers of the Year (So Far) list, congrats! What made you move into a more industrial sound with this one? 
We wanted to play between these harsh industrial and softer R’n’B sounds, mixed with a whole lot of energy and power, which I think we managed to do quite well.

You worked with SOPHIE and The Horrors’ Faris Badwan, what were their main contributions? 
Both of them are great pop writers. Faris has an amazing way with storytelling; he contributed to the meaning of the song a lot. SOPHIE is amazing at everything, really. We wanted to make a pop song; we’d also never done a collar before so it was really fun and interesting to see how we could expand. We’ve always loved pop music; it’s such a challenge. It’s one of the hardest things to write - everything has to be 10/10, or it’s shit.

"Everything has to be 10/10, or it’s shit.
Let's Eat Grandma

What do you hope people will take away from the track? 
Feminine is powerful, and anybody should be able to express that side of themselves.

‘It’s Not Just Me’ is doing pretty well in the rankings too, can you tell us a bit more about the track? 
‘It’s Not Just Me’ actually might be my favourite track off the album, we were writing in a different location (LA), and we’d started to get a lot more personal about people in the lyrics we were writing. This was one of the last ones that we wrote, so we were ready to write personally and do it well. It’s the best way of being able to be emotional.

What about ‘Falling Into Me’? 
This is one of my favourite songs on the album too, especially the bass-line and key change after the second chorus. When we came up with that bit, we were like, ‘Okay that song is sorted now’. We were sat in my bedroom; it was the same for ‘Hot Pink’ too. 

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