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December 2020 / January 2021
Live At Leeds

Band picks: Mystery Jets recommend who to see at Live At Leeds 2020

Jack Flanagan is here to help.
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Published: 10:00 am, January 28, 2020
Band picks: Mystery Jets recommend who to see at Live At Leeds 2020

It's time to start getting excited, Dear Reader. We're just a few months out from the unofficial start of our summer festival season. That May Day Bank Holiday weekend means one thing - Live At Leeds. Packed with (literally) hundreds of the best new bands on the planet, it sees one of the country's most vibrant creative cities turned into a mecca of buzz, hype and awesome live music.

To celebrate, we're holding a special Live At Leeds takeover. Over the course of the day (28th January 2020, in case you're coming to this late - Ed), we'll be bringing you all kinds of stuff from and about the acts playing this year's event. If you're going, it'll help you plan out those all-important spreadsheets. If you've not yet picked up your tickets - well, what are you waiting for? You can grab 'em here, right now.

Picking out who to see at festivals where you actually want to see everyone is so hard. So, so hard. Thankfully, 'the bands' are more than happy to help. Mystery Jets bassist Jack Flanagan has pinpointed a handful of acts you really must see at this year's Live At Leeds. Take it away, Jack.

Marika Hackman

I’ve been a fan of Marika ever since I heard her play ‘bath is black’ in a tiny North London venue. She's truly brilliant with chords and her recent album with David Wrench showcases her totally eloquent lyricism.


We played a show recently with Temples in London and had a great time sharing a dressing room. They warm up with piano sing-songs and all have fantastic hair.

Ezra Furman

Blaine and I went to watch Ezra play at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire about five years ago. It was the first time we saw The Big Moon - right before their first album dropped. We were wowed by the time they came off stage. When Ezra came on we thought we were only waiting to hear ‘restless year’. By the end of the set, we realised that he had a killer arsenal of songs underneath his floral skirt.

Self Esteem

We’ve been friends with Rebecca since she was in Slow Club. Was totally blown away when we heard her record. So much talent and positivity come across in her songwriting.

Tim Burgess

Being a huge Charlatans fan, I'm really excited to see Tim play a solo set. I slid into his DMs last year and I can confirm he is a truly lovely bloke. Not only a brilliant writer but also a man of excellent cultural taste.

Live At Leeds will take place on 2nd May, visit for more info.

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