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December 2020 / January 2021

Bad Sounds: "We're definitely releasing an album this year"

The duo are among the latest acts confirmed for Live At Leeds.
Published: 8:00 am, March 07, 2018
Bad Sounds: "We're definitely releasing an album this year"
A new line-up announce from Live At Leeds is here! The new names feature loads of Dork’s faves, including Superorganism, King Nun and Bad Sounds all heading up to Yorkshire this May. With new material on the cards, Ewan and Callum Merrett are really looking forward to their trip.

Hey Callum, what are you up to?
Hi Dork, I’m trying to make samples, so we don’t get sued for sampling other people. It's fun and dorky… you’d like it.

How was your tour with Rat Boy? Was it a messy one?
It was great! Possibly my fave tour we’ve ever done. We got to go to Ireland for the first time, and we all got seasick on the ferry, so I guess it was a messy one. Last time we supported Rat Boy we were v v green and sorta learning a lot while we went, and this time I think we knew a little about what we were signing up for and all his fans are so great. They’re basically the best audience to be a support band in front of because they’re so enthusiastic and we totally vibe off that on stage.

Did you guys hang out together much, or do any touristy things?
With Ratty? Nah not really. We had a great night out in Newcastle (aka “Toon” for those in the know) with the Ten Tonnes guys who were also touring with us. We ended up being turned away from a karaoke bar and then watching a drag queen battle royale. It was v v fun.

What else have you guys been up to lately, do you have new music on the way?
We’ve been writing and recording a lot! Really excited to get this stuff out. Of course, there’s new music we’ve barely even scratched the surface yet.

When can we expect your debut album then? No pressure, lads.
Definitely releasing an album this year, working on it as we speak. Pressure? Naahhhhh I don’t really feel like we have anything to live up to yet so I feel like with this first album we’ll still be showing people what we’re all about. Some people get it some people won’t. We’re very keen to ditch a few associations that have stuck to us along the way so far, aka we are not an indie band or a funk band or an electro band or any combo of the three and we’re very keen to prove that to people.

You’ve just been confirmed for Live At Leeds. What was it like when you played last year?
It was cool. We got to re-connect with our G’s Superfood and just wander around the city for the day. Leeds is dope af. We were playing a venue quite far out of the centre, and we were on pretty late too which meant that everyone was the specifically to see us and also they were really drunk. V spicy.

Do you think any of your new songs will make an appearance during your set?
Yerrrr I can’t wait. It's really cool to test out new tracks live, we really saw the effect it had on audiences on our last headline tour. When it started we hadn’t released ‘Are You High?’ and you could tell it was new to the audience, then it was released on the second date of the tour, and by the end, everyone was singing it back to us! It was so weird to see that transition in practically in real time.

Is there anyone else playing who you’d like to see?
Our boy Dylan Cartlidge is the freshest guy around right now. Will absolutely be there for his set and so should errrrbody else.

Have you spent much time oop North?
The thing that sucks is that we obvs grew up in the south, and down here for some reason, they make out as though the north is rough and cold and hard, but it totally isn’t! All our fave cities are up north - Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester - except Oooh Charles who is practically mayor of Bristol.

What’s your favourite thing about city-based, multi-venue festivals - working loos or not having to camp?
All of the above. I hate camping. I always feel like someone is gonna stand on my head.

What else have you got coming up over the summer?
Lots of festivals and stuff. It’ll be our first time at Reading & Leeds, so that's gonna be awesome. Hopefully, we can collaborate with a few cool people and share some new music.

Live at Leeds takes place on Saturday, 5th May in venues across the city. Tickets are on sale now, visit for tickets.

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