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November 2018

Bad Sounds: "Going on tour with Rat Boy was a bloody eye opener"

Equipment isn’t the only thing Bad Sounds will be breaking next year.
Published: 3:02 pm, January 07, 2017
Bad Sounds: "Going on tour with Rat Boy was a bloody eye opener"
In Dork’s December/January issue (feat. The 1975, out now), we tackled a bunch of our favourite new bands - the ones whose gigs buzz with excitement, who inspire more devotion in their fans than Emmerdale does from our grans, and who will undoubtedly make 2017 special. Including Bad Sounds - who’re currently in the studio. (“All our stuff just broke. It’s not going very well.)

Hey Callum, how have you found 2016? What was the most exciting thing that happened for Bad Sounds?
2016 where did you go? It went by so quickly. We've had too many exciting things happen this year to choose one. Getting Annie Mac's support on both our singles was a massive deal. Glastonbury was the muddy party in a field I always dreamt it would be. Going on tour with Rat Boy was a bloody eye opener too.

What do you think has been the biggest music-related news story of 2016?
I think the death of David Bowie hit a lot of people really hard, especially in the U.K. The death toll in the music industry has been off the charts this year, we've lost some real legends of the industry. It almost feels like it's impossible to pay them all the respect they deserve. These guys have had an impact on our music, taste, and opinions and they all died in 2016:

Phife dawg
Rod Temperton
George Martin
Maurice White
Leonard Cohen

2016 you bloody bastard.

What song would you crown banger of the year?
'Cranes In The Sky' by Solange. It's magic. It's got this sort of Roy Ayers / Prince thing going on that I'm totally into. The whole album is incredible.

What does 2017 look like for you guys? What’ve you got planned so far?
More singles and an EP hopefully. Lots of touring and festivals. We'll be spending most of our time in fields next summer.

You’ve been in the studio a bit lately haven’t you - how’s the new material sounding, and when will we be able to hear it?
Yeah we've been working on some tracks for next year. There's this track called 'Zachariah' that has a real Thriller vibe, and there's a track called 'Meat On My Bones' which we've been playing a lot live. It's got chimes.

What’s the most exciting thing about being an up-and-coming musician right now?
Sat nav. How did people go on tour pre-sat nav? A map? Fuck that.

Do you have any resolutions for 2017?
Don't be a dick.

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2017?
I have no idea. Someone photographed by Charlotte Patmore for sure (@voteforpatmore). If Charlotte Patmore was in a band I would say "that band Charlotte Patmore is in”. She is an incredible photographer and super fly.

If you were to make your own Christmas cracker, what would the joke be?
Oh no. I’m not very good at this. Our guitarist, Charlie is famous for his "dad jokes". I would text him and ask for one but I'm worried it would be too stanky even for a Christmas cracker. It would be a "your mum" joke for sure though.
"stopper" ]

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