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February 2021

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge

Bands and musicians have a bash at recreating their own artwork.
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Published: 10:00 am, June 11, 2020
Dork's great big artwork remake challenge

The best messages we get are the ones that start with an iteration of "I'VE HAD AN IDEA!" It was from one of those that this here feature was spawned: a handful of acts, who - much like that 'recreate a famous painting' thing that's happening on 'the internet' rn - use odds and sods from around wherever they're currently on lockdown to recreate some artwork of theirs, be it a recently-released album, EP or single, or - in the case of Brighton punks CLT DRP, Farnborough post-hardcore bunch ManDown, and 'celestial-folk' newcomer Lucy Feliz - a record that's 'still to come'. Gotta give the bands something to do, right? Well, they've come through with a series of recreations featuring everything from nudity to pot plants - have a scrolly scroll through below.

CLT DRP - Without The Eyes
Released: 28th August 2020

"When I first heard about this challenge I was a little hesitant on how to approach it. Where the original has a strong message on body positivity and with the album not even released yet, I didn’t want to distract from that with a version of it that may be considered mocking. Instead I decided to just try and replicate it as honestly as I could, showing another body form in its most intimate."

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
WACO - Good Days
Released: 27th April 2020

"It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to this gorgeous visual reworking of our 'Good Days' cover. The original was taken by the inimitable Greg Holland and features two canines flirting. This courageous recreation was forged by the hands of our percussionist Welshy and features Winnie The Pooh and another beast (who has requested to remain anonymous). As a planet we're not blessed with art of this quality very often. It adventurously combines the romanticism of John Martin and William Blake, meticulously seasoned with the passion found in Neil Buchanan's and Georgia O'Keeffe's best work. To top it off, Welshy daringly channels the Dadaist spirit of Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven in the image. This will undoubtedly go down as one of the Postmodern Greats of the 21st century, to be studied by awestricken students and collectors in the art schools and museums of the future."

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
The Deadnotes - Courage
Released: 14th February 2020

"To be honest, it wasn‘t very easy to recreate the Courage artwork. I don‘t think many people noticed this already but it‘s a repeated image of the same person on the cover everywhere, and the final picture is an overlay of many different photos. We loved the message that it‘s not only about swimming against the current but also about having the COURAGE to face yourself, your emotions, and reflect on your own actions, ideas and habits. Obviously I didn‘t have a huge modern stairway in my tiny flat, but I love how the puppet and its shadow kind of cleared up the original meaning and message of the original cover photo."

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
Wild Cat Strike - Rhubarb Nostalgia
Released: 5th October 2018

"The artwork for our album (and everything else we've done) is by the magnificent Melissa Kitty Jarram. As for my homage, I used a towel, some string, and our houseplants. Shout out to lily, jade, aloe vera, and lil' cacti."

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
Inwards - Feelings of Unreality
Released: 8th March 2019

"As the 'Diesel' album was really obscure to try and recreate I thought it would be cool to do 'Feelings Of Unreality' instead. The propane tanks did most of the hard work and then it was just a case of getting the Dracaena marginata in the right spot. It's so good I can barely tell the difference between the original image and my recreation."

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
Overrider - The Left Hand
Released: 15th May 2020

"For cyc|er each of the 9 tracks on the EP has a piece of art that goes with it - a manipulated circle. It's intended to be a cycle, starting on [sky ladder] and ending on wings over the wor|d. There's symmetry between those tracks, kind of an inversion in the art so it loops back around. Which is all a very pretentious way of justifying this very cerebral circle motif, which we created using a cup of (fair trade) coffee. Of course, without tea and coffee, this record would not exist…"

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
Harker - No Discordance
Released: 9th February 2018

"Not gonna lie, I woke up late for work and had to get the photo before heading out. I grabbed the nearest towel and all the kitchen utensils I could find - not bad for a 30 sec job aye?"

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
ManDown - We Want Blood
Released: 9th July 2020

"Ever since Jamie (Lenman) sent us the final draft of the artwork he's created for our forthcoming EP, "We Want Blood", we've had to keep both it and our excitement under wraps, so we didn't spoil the surprise for everyone. But now that we're on the countdown to the official release, what better way to celebrate and announce it than through this DORK Lockdown Album Cover Re-Creation feature! Big shout out to our pots and pans, and thanks to Mrs ManDown for whipping up a complex puree, ketchup and hot sauce mix to get the finishing touches just right!"

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
ManDown · Try Or Die
Lucy Feliz - Last of The Sun
Released: 28th August 2020

"This was like a ‘Quick Drag’ mini-challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race… under time pressure, I swept through my room and picked up everything that was blue, sourced a lego figurine, and taped her up with a tassel from the gold costume used in the actual shoot. I endeavoured to recreate the iconic New Zealand lakeside backdrop, using an authentic ‘Pāua’ (aka Māori sea snail shell) to achieve the realistic mountain. The luxurious fish keyring in the foreground represents the aquatic dimension. The whole thing evokes a feeling of wanderlust, yearning to explore the world’s delights."

Dork's great big artwork remake challenge
Dork's great big artwork remake challenge

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Introducing the new issue of Dork, featuring cover stars Pale Waves!

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