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April 2020

ALASKALASKA’s ‘cowboy time’ playlist, feat. Grinder Man, Frank Black and more

"Perfect for an imaginary western movie."
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Published: 12:20 pm, May 03, 2019
ALASKALASKA’s ‘cowboy time’ playlist, feat. Grinder Man, Frank Black and more

Cowboys are hot property at the moment - from early trendsetter Mitski to later hop-ons Mac DeMarco to ALMA, everyone’s getting in on the action.

To celebrate the release of their debut album ‘The Dots’, ALASKALASKA’s Fraser Rieley has donned his best Stetson for a playlist of cowboy-inspired faves.

“Cowboys and cowgirls from my imaginary soundtrack,” he says. “Music for when you feel like you’re trapped in your own internal western. Just me?”

Grinder Man - Kitchenette

There’s so much grit and guts behind Cave’s vocal in this song. It’s amazing how much noise four old guys in a room can make, and the lyrics are so striking. This is the perfect “riding into town” moment in my head.

Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight

So soulful and glamorous, but with this dark, self-destructive undertone to my ears, like something bad is about to happen - but I don’t mind.

Oby Onyhioha - Enjoy Your Life

Deadpan disco. I guess I’d be in a bar if this was the soundtrack, or in a comedic montage with gr8 m8s.


They’re just the best; I love how raw and ‘round’ each of their records sound, really well recorded. It has a really cinematic feel, really moody and suspicious.

Dele Sosimi - You No Fit Touch Am - Medlar Remix

I’ve seen Dele Sosimi a few times in the last couple of years, and it’s always a lot of fun. He and his music are so warm and inclusive, compelling you to move and connect with other people, or get lost in yourself for a while

Sun Kil Moon - Dogs

I heard Mark Kozelek play this at Green Man a few years ago, and I could just about hear the lyrics from the back of the crowd. I thought he was fucking crazy and fell in love with this album; it’s so mesmeric and mournful and passive-aggressive. Perfect for an imaginary western movie.

Charles Bradley - Nobody But You

I think I saw Charles Bradley play at Green Man the same day… or maybe it was the year after. He is an absolute cowboy, and I’m really glad I got to see him perform.

Adult Jazz - Am Gone

Another great travelling song for an imaginary soundtrack. This album is really satisfying and challenging, arranged really simply but with such characterful melodies & rhythms. It makes me imagine an open plain, or some kind of shoot out when it gets chaotic later on in the track…

Dizzy Gillespie - Caravan

When I was at school, I taught myself the A-level jazz syllabus, so I didn’t have to learn about musicals, and I ended up getting really into Dizzy Gillespie and other early bebop/afro Cuban players. The trumpet is this conversational, unpredictable ball of energy, and it makes me want to run really fast or ride a horse or something.

Frank Black - Los Angeles

Great cowboy song. First heard it on a Tony Hawks soundtrack before I was old enough to care about who the Pixies were. Makes you feel invincible.

Nils Frahm - My Friend The Forest

It’s impossible not to feel reflective and emotional listening to this. Feels like it’s soundtracking the peaceful aftermath of something tragic. Another great album.

Kim Jung Mi - Your Dream

Riding into the sunset & end credits music. This must have been used in loads of soundtracks, just has such a nostalgic, worn-tape, Hollywood sound. Feels like musical closure.

ALASKALASKA’s debut album ‘The Dots’ is out now.

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