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September 2019

A day in the life of... Oscar, Sundara Karma

It’s a hard life on the road.
Published: 1:28 pm, March 16, 2017
A day in the life of... Oscar, Sundara Karma

We're nosy. We like to know what life is like for our favourite pop stars. Proper life, y'know. Not this fancy glam sham they'd like us to believe. That's why we're asking some of them to give us an account of exactly what they get up to in a 24 hour period. This month... Oscar from Sundara Karma.

Reluctantly crawl out of bed and down as much water as possible, splash my face with the Arctic tap aqua and praise the Lord for another day of goodliness on the road. I then roll my yoga mat out over the travel lodge carpet to stop me inhaling pubes or stripper dust as I'm doing my sun salutations.


I shower, brush my teeth, shave etc around this time, it differs. More often than not Ally is still sleeping so all of the above must be approached and executed with a polite precision that tends to set the tone for the day.

Most of these timings fluctuate and it's hard to give a solid timetable of what a day of touring looks like but this seems to be the average time of departure. If I'm on top of my game then I would've already mediated but if not; I get comfy in the van, listen to a sounds of the ocean compilation, and drift off into the land of silence for around half an hour. This period of deep nothingness is often interrupted by someone in the van farting and then i have to try my best to be with the fart and accept the fart.

We enjoy a good servo stop. It gives us a chance to smoke our cigarettes and fill up on Britain's finest.

We'd normally arrive at the venue around this time, stroll into the dressing room and either be pleasantly surprised or awfully disappointed by the rider situation. We need to up our rider game, actually. Maybe find a theme. Push for more. The Bob Marley party package?

Sound check. It's boring, but it's our life. It's important to check the sound.

We head away from the venue at this point to avoid cabin fever and mutiny. If we're up for it, we will find a cushty restaurant to have some dinner but normally end up settling on a 'spoons as we're terrified of change.

8pm (if supporting) 9:45pm (headlining)
Showtime. We will do the rituals beforehand making sure we're ready to fly. Oiled up and centred, we then make our way to the stage. We like to have a group hug before we go on, so we do that just before crossing the threshold AND always make sure we check our flys.

Drive to the next Travelodge. What solace we have here. The party will carry on in the van with Haydn normally as chief of the aux. The unspoken arrangement for the journey is to find the correct balance between Haydn getting his kicks and Dom feeling rested. It can be a struggle, but we always find the sweet spot.

1 - 2am
If luck is on our side then the Travelodge will have a bar that we can collect in for an hour or so, get some pizzas and kick back like real people in a real hotel with real fondness for one another. Then we go to bed.

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The new issue of Dork is out now, featuring MUNA!
New issue!

The new issue of Dork is out now, featuring MUNA!

There's also The Murder Capital, Shura, Ezra Furman, Friendly Fires and loads more.
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