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December 2020 / January 2021

A Day In The Life Of... Matt Maltese

What does Matt Maltese get up to on their average day? Well... this!
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Published: 10:56 am, August 10, 2018
A Day In The Life Of... Matt Maltese


If all is well and normal, I will get up and cook eggs - maybe even go for a run beforehand - but that is sadly a rarity. I always have a cup of coffee, and I'll watch either interviews or strange lectures of some kind on my laptop while I have breakfast. Lectures on the Super-Ego or the future of AI. Or if I'm feeling that way inclined, then I'll watch something like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development.


If I don't have any set things in my morning, I will scour my mind for a plan of some sort... which will usually be writing/trying to write. I'll sit down at my desk and start a demo - either an idea I've already had or just try something completely new. I like to try, and a do a verse and chorus with full instrumentation (i.e. crappy Logic sounds), and then usually see if I like the song enough to finish it.


Often I don't and will move on to another idea and another. I have a lot of unfinished songs on my laptop – rest in peace. I try and listen to new music around all of this too. Usually, a band that my flat-mates suggest as they have some impeccable music taste, or just a band whose name has been floating around. This week I've listened to a lot of Snail Mail and The Moldy Peaches.

"I sometimes have a Guinness, or if nobody's watching, I'll have a Shandy."


For lunch, I'll either cook some pasta up or get a falafel wrap from this place in Camberwell where all your dreams come true for £3.50. If it's bearable outside, I'll sit in the park and eat it, or retreat back to my desk. Again I will choose between lectures and tv shows to accompany said meal.


For a few months in the lead up to recording my first album, I worked a lot at my friend Alex Burey's house in Purley. He has this great studio shed in his back garden, and we usually start in the afternoon and then go on making music till the evening. He's a great person to scope out a soundscape with, and he's one of those darn brilliant multi-instrumentalist types that can play anything, so that helps a lot too. We'll also listen to a lot of other music together. He has introduced to a lot of great music - thanks, Alex.


I'll usually try and go to a show if it's during the week, which will usually be somewhere in South London. There's usually always something good at The Windmill. I've seen a couple shows at The Five Bells this week that So Young put on. The Rhythm Method and Our Girl. Very good bands. I also saw Dinosaur Jr with my flatmates recently which was a very good show. The frontman and bassist supposedly hate each other, and it was surprisingly enjoyable to try and see that invisible tension in the air. If I don't go to a gig, I'll try and watch a film or keep making demos or just hang out with friends in my house, or even at my favourite pub ‘Fox on the Hill' in Camberwell. I sometimes have a Guinness, or if nobody's watching, I'll have a Shandy.


This is when I try to go to sleep. Sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully. Goodnight.

Taken from the August issue of Dork. Matt Maltese's debut album 'Bad Contestant' is out now.

August 2018
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