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November 2018

A day in the life of... Lucy Rose

Dogs, food and baths - with some music in-between.
Published: 1:54 pm, December 23, 2016
A day in the life of... Lucy Rose

We're nosy. We like to know what life is like for our favourite pop stars. Proper life, y'know. Not this fancy glam sham they'd like us to believe. That's why we're asking some of them to give us an account of exactly what they get up to in a 24 hour period. This month... Lucy Rose.


Wake up, straight to the park to walk my dog. Usually end up talking to my neighbours for a good hour about some hot community gossip or whether they have had their coal store damp proofed or not. Thrilling stuff!


I manage myself so there is normally a fair bit of admin in my inbox so I try get that done first thing, of course with a cup of tea.


I've just started recording my next record with a producer at his house in Brighton, so normally we start work at this time. I'm wanting this record to be as raw as possible so many of the songs have been recorded in one take, guitar and vocals sitting on Tim's sofa.


When I'm home I'm either writing music or reading books or spending hours on my computer working out how I'm gonna shoot my next music video and doing rough budgets for them.


Food is extremely important to me, I get pretty grumpy when I'm hungry and I think lunch is more important to me than dinner. I'm really bad and love going to local cafes and eating out there either with my husband and dog or with a book.


Most free days at home I have a meeting with someone, either my booking agent, label, Dave Tree who is helping put together a documentary for me and discuss plans for the next record. Sounds boring but it's so exciting planning release dates and tour dates.


Today I went to the Japanese embassy to pick up my passport ‘cause I needed visa as I'm going to Japan in two days for my first proper Asian tour.


Potentially go for a cheeky half at my local and have a break and see friends.


Back home and writing music again, I feel the evenings are a good time for me to write if something is on my mind.


I always have a bath every night, I bloody love it, definitely helps me sleep!
"stopper" ]

Lucy Rose’s album ‘Live At Urchin Studios’ is out now.

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