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December 2020 / January 2021

A day in the life of... Kieran, Circa Waves

Did you know Kieran has a herd of rare mountain goats? Well…
Published: 12:25 pm, March 13, 2017
A day in the life of... Kieran, Circa Waves

We're nosy. We like to know what life is like for our favourite pop stars. Proper life, y'know. Not this fancy glam sham they'd like us to believe. That's why we're asking some of them to give us an account of exactly what they get up to in a 24 hour period. This month... Kieran Shudall from Circa Waves.

I get up at 6.30am to go for a run. I like the brisk cold air hitting my sleep covered eyes. I run down the road no more than 4 miles per hour as that is all it’s all my legs allow. Their is a huge sense of achievement running this early before anyone else its awake.

8am I have a cup of tea and sometimes a coffee if I’m feeling particularly sleep depraved. The craze of coffee is something that has not passed me by un noticed, my friends will tell you I’ve been known to have a flat white as late as 8 o’clock, which plays havoc with my sleep, but i don’t mind on the odd occasion.

9am I feed my herd of rare mountain goats.

11am I like to prepare a late breakfast. some would call this brunch, but those people are uneducated pricks. A wheat toast forms the base for an avocado and egg extravaganza (eggstravaganza), which undoubtedly will be wolfed down in 4 to 5 minutes.

2pm By this time I’m in the deep, dark belly of writing and recording demos, AKA future hits. I leave Colombo on at all times in my studio as i feel his funny face and his quick witted turn of phrase really keep me on my toes. I layer up instruments like a homemade music lasagne ready to be eaten by the always hungry public.

3pm arrives and it’s time for my nap. I sleep in the kitchen as to not disturb my cat who sleeps most of the day in my bed.

5pm I like to make a move towards the kitchen to start a delicious dinner. As most of my day is busy I find it best if i mash my five fruit and veg a day up into a paste, which forms the base of a tasty sauce for my meal.

7pm and I will be absolutely shattered from the massive day that preceded. I’ll listen to the radio and gently nod off.

7.30/45pm I’ll take myself up to bed to go asleep. Not before brushing my teeth and washing my face, obviously.

"stopper" ]

Circa Waves' debut album 'Different Creatures' is out now.

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