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December 2020 / January 2021

5 reasons why... INHEAVEN’s new album is the most banger-packed debut of 2017

If bangers were our currency, INHEAVEN would be filthy, filthy rich.
Published: 10:20 am, September 01, 2017
5 reasons why... INHEAVEN’s new album is the most banger-packed debut of 2017
Bangers are everything. If Dork ruled the world, they’d be our currency, and in that utopian society, INHEAVEN would be filthy, filthy rich.

See, Dear Reader, there’s nothing that gets us excited more than a good old fashioned #indie banger. The dripping, raw adrenaline; the sticky, snakebite-black soul - it may not be ‘cutting edge’, but then our Mum told us not to play with knives.

If you’ve not streamed INHEAVEN’s self-titled debut album yet, you’re a) a bit silly and b) in luck, because you can do it right now. Here’s 5 reasons why it’s the most banger-packed collection of the year so far.

1. You’ve heard ‘Baby’s Alright’, yeah?

Of course you have. This may be INHEAVEN’s debut album, but its opening track already feels like a solid gold indie classic. Bouncing off the walls, it goes off the chain live, too. One of the Very Best Things about their first full-length is that INHEAVEN haven’t binned off their best tracks in favour of something new but less shiny. Bands take note - this is how you do it.

2. ‘Treats’ is a.. you get it

Even though their first moves were 14/10 amazing, ‘Treats’ is probably the point we sat up and realised that INHEAVEN weren’t just another great new band. Brooding, ballsy and brilliant, it’s a glorious dark knight, swinging its sword like a whirligig in a hurricane. It looks cool while doing it too.

3. If ‘All There Is’ doesn’t give you goosebumps, you best check you’re not dead

Anthemic. That’s a word. It’s a good one to describe ‘All There Is’, too. A thumping, shimmering delight, this is where INHEAVEN soar above the masses. A band able to get down and dirty and high and mighty within seconds, there’s not a move from the big indie playbook they haven’t perfected.

4. ‘Drift’. Oh, ‘Drift’

We’ll often call songs perfect, but few are as perfect as ‘Drift’. A woozy, summer soaked sizzler, when it arrived last year it put us in a blissful haze. Yet another side to the INHEAVEN masterpiece, its Super 8 soul is quite probably still our favourite moment on their debut.


‘Regeneration’. Like that was ever gonna miss out on our bangerrific rundown. A chorus bigger than The Shard, shooting sharp as fuck moves into orbit, this is INHEAVEN operating on a grand scale. Dripping in brilliant rebellion, effortlessly sassy and flippantly fabulous, the true spirit of indie rock runs right through it like a sticky seaside treat. Youthful disenfranchisement that can’t help but show the fire inside, it’s the crowning glory on one of the best debuts of the year. Heavenly.

INHEAVEN's self titled debut album is out now. Grab yourself a copy here.

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