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March 2020

Kicking off their world tour in Belfast, here are the first reactions to The 1975's spectacular new live show - from the fans who witnessed it

Treadmills! Dance Moves! A Jaw-Dropping Setlist! We got the scoop from The 1975 faithful on what they witnessed last night.
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Published: 1:55 pm, January 10, 2019Words: Jamie Muir.
Kicking off their world tour in Belfast, here are the first reactions to The 1975's spectacular new live show - from the fans who witnessed it

Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! It's begun - and by that, we mean The 1975 kicking off their blooming huge world tour, and, well, there's a lot to run through. With ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships', it was always clear that things were going to go up a notch, with 2019 set to be dominated by a stage show full of the bright lights and swagger of a whole new era. Think it's about time we get the lowdown on opening night, right?

With No Rome kickstarting the night with his first ever live shows (just in an arena - y'know, no biggy) and Pale Waves ripping things up for their test-run of the arenas they'll be looking to fill themselves soon enough, Belfast paid witness to the start of a whole new era. Pulling across their career (with live debuts for ‘I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)', ‘I Like America & America Likes Me' and ‘How To Draw/Petrichor' alongside classic cuts such as ‘fallingforyou' and ‘You'), cameos from No Rome and The Jaiy Twins, and surrounded by mind-blowing screens, set-pieces, dazzling lights and choreography that'd make any pop star blush, it was nothing short of a 22 song masterclass.

We've seen you all buzzing about witnessing a whole new era, so it only made sense really to get the First Reactions that truly matter - yours! From those right there in the room (and in the know lets be honest) as The 1975 unveiled the show set to define 2019 and beyond. Here's the First Reaction from what to expect over the coming weeks.

My experience of seeing the first night of The 1975's tour was pretty much motivated by waiting to see their new stage production uncovered. Knowing they always kill it with their live shows, I was more than excited to see how they visually translate their newest songs into their incredible set, alongside some old favourites. The entire show was a spectacle of surprises and a lot of energy from Matty. It was really amazing to see him back on stage, because he truly is, by far, one of the greatest showman there is in current music. Everything from his high energy, dance moves and interaction with the crowd, he always ensures to make it feel so intimate in such massive arenas. I also love the inclusion of The Jaiy Twins, from the ‘It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)' music video into the live show. I found their choreography and stage presence with Matty so cute.

As the show unfolded, the stage kept on transforming and was essentially interacting with the songs. What stunned me the most was seeing Matty elevate into the sky and literally enter one of the screens, being surrounded by such spectacular visuals constantly had me trying to take the perfect photo of it. The 1975 are literal geniuses. I was blown away by the entire performance and cannot wait to see them on other shows of the tour, and will urge everybody to definitely see them live at one point of their life because the overall experience is always incredible. - @Tomm1975

On the way home from the show and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life. No Rome and Pale Waves set an amazing atmosphere and by 8:50 the crowd was anxious and ready for The 1975. When Matty, George, Adam and Ross walked on stage, the crowd erupted in euphoria. The whole concert just had me in a state of euphoria. They engaged with the crowd and made us feel like one of them; they deserve so much more recognition for how amazing they are. I can't pick a favourite song as they were all so amazing and the choreography from Matty and the twins blew everyone away. So surreal. The night ended on a high, and everyone walked out either in tears or with a smile on their face, truly a night to remember. - @lauraadonagheyy

Based purely on their performance and the stacked setlist, The 1975 are ready to go stratospheric, probably matching their stage production budget in the process. On the first night of their Music For Cars world tour, there were a slew of live debuts, chief among which was 'I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)' assuming its rightful position as the main set closer.

They also treated an eager crowd to a hefty amount of older tracks like 'Girls', 'The Sound' (which had everyone on the floor moving almost as one) and the anthemic 'Robbers', which elicited maybe the biggest singalong on a night full of them. Nothing was off limits, with tracks from their early EPs and 'Narcissist', their collaboration with support act No Rome, going over every bit as well as hit singles 'Chocolate', 'Somebody Else' and 'Sex', which closed the show as triumphantly as 'Give Yourself A Try' opened it. - @burstandbloom

So I absorbed this show through the power of social media and from the comfort of my sofa! I have been lucky enough to see The 1975 play both New Slang and Camden Assembly during their promo for the release of 'A Brief Inquiry'. But was very aware that that could not really prepare me for what to expect with their arena shows.

Tonight watching on Twitter, what everyone wanted to know about were the visuals. How did it all look? Matty had spoken about his aspirations for this tour, working with Tobias Rylander as he has on previous productions. He spoke about it being full of light and bigger than what we saw during 'ILIWYS' tour. The production on 'ILIWYS' was so loved by everyone; I don't think we knew how it could be any bigger, or any better.

But it is both of those things. It is spectacular. The stage seems physically smaller somehow, but with a completely different use of the space, they have also made it brighter than ever before. They have incorporated all of their visual elements, both from the past (the classic rectangle, the 'Robbers' music video) and the present (the treadmill from the 'Sincerity is Scary' video, the Jaiy Twins) and we now have Matty's choreographed dance moves.

As any fan of the band will tell you, part of their brand is the relationship they have with their fanbase. The time and attention they give to us, makes us feel that we are part of a small community. But one look at that staging tonight, and it was clear - The 1975 are one of the biggest and most important bands in the world. - Joanna (@The1975_Tour)

PS. The setlist is awesome. 

The 1975 at Belfast SSE Arena turned out to be one of my favourite shows ever! I travelled from London to Belfast in the early hours of the morning with four of my friends who are also fellow The 1975 fans. No Rome kicked off the evening with a colourful, chilled set. He had such a wonderful stage presence, and 'Saint Laurent', in particular, went down really well with everyone! About half an hour later, Pale Waves came on stage and performed a number of their most well-known songs. The band seemed really happy to be there, and as usual, they had the crowd going crazy.

There has been such a rush of anticipation surrounding The 1975's 2019 UK tour, and I have to say they did not disappoint at all. The all-new show set up incorporated themes of 'ABIIOR', with a huge fixation on the themes surrounding technology that are delved into on the album. The entire stage was kitted out, so much so that throughout, the dazzling new rectangle placement had rectangles floating above the set; different music video artworks were displayed on the huge screens surrounding the boys and Matty spent a fair share of the show on some sort of conveyor belt on the stage. 

Like their most recent and most powerful new music, the new production centred these same themes, with Matty taking on a variety of different roles for each song, almost actor-like. Still, his charismatic, charming demeanour shone through as always. Me and my friends were incredibly impressed but to be honest we expect nothing less from the best band in the world. It was easily the best show of theirs that I have ever been to. I would even say that they've outdone themselves and it was only night one! It was a beautiful, cinematic show from beginning to end! I myself am going to four more shows, so I'm very excited to relive it again and again! - Mia Guercini (@Itsnotl1ving)

The first The 1975 headline show of the tour was a truly cinematic experience from start to finish. ‘I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)' was a personal highlight of mine from the show. It was a moment which induced many fans into tears. The resonant lyrics and the euphoric chorus, had everyone screaming and singing. It was an explosive and chilling moment to witness, one which will remain a memory for a long time. In contrast, the popular feel of good pop single ‘TOOTIMETOOTIME' was an electric moment for the crowd, the bright, colourful visuals kept us glued to the performance. With the new additions of the superb backing dancers, The Jaiy Twins along with frontman Matty Healy's iconic dance moves it was certainly a moment to be remembered. Overall the show demonstrated The 1975's growth over the years; from the visuals to the band's stage presence. This show was faultless it can only be described as a spectacle definitely one for the books! - @MaryxSSS

I never thought that The 1975 could ever top their previous stage setup, but I was so wrong. As always, this band have the ability to exceed your expectations and leave you speechless. The entire show was an over stimulating dreamscape that encompassed everything fans of The 1975 know and love, but bigger. 

The set was something you'd expect from an artist like Taylor Swift or Britney Spears, it had the magnitude of a show that was far beyond their global reach. Then again, The 1975 always have a way of making arena shows feel intimate, and they still feel like a small band due to how much they interact with their fans. 

As for the visuals themselves, there were familiar visuals from the 'ILIWYS' era that were just made bigger and better. I found myself constantly in awe and disbelief, especially before ‘The Ballad of Me and My Brain' when Matty jumped into the big backdrop screen and walked around inside a box like a television character. 

So many little aspects from the band promos, music videos, etc. were flashing across the screen. The visuals that stunned me the most I think were for ‘How To Draw / Petrichor' where it gave the crowd the impression of being inside a car while parked on a deserted English countryside road while it's raining, the three big columns on the ceiling illuminated with pixels that represented rain on a car moonroof. 

They took their set from a light show to an entirely immersive, 3D, almost simulation-like experience. The 1975 are hands down the most creative, influential, caring band that exists today. Their talent and passion for their artistry and their love for the fans is unmatched, and it's what keeps me coming back time and time again to see them live. - Alexa Greenleaf (@sugarcoatedpiIl)

Okay starting off I need to say I've seen The 1975 a total of 16 times over three years now, and they're one of my favourite bands of all time. I travelled to Belfast for that experience of the first show back after 18 months firsthand and getting the full experience. Safe to say they didn't disappoint...

We knew the visuals for the new songs were going to be off the charts, and unprecedented like only The 1975 seem to be able to do. Seeing them close up however completely took my breath away. The way they wove together new songs and old ones. All time favourites with brand new pieces that I'm already deeply in love with.

At one point the entire arena was jumping up and down, and the roof could have come down it was such a spectacle. With a bit of background into on the songs and Matty's thought process, I as a fan could see the detail and love that went into the production and the perfectionism with which he and designer Tobias Ryland developed this crazy experience.

It was a love fest for all The 1975 encompasses and more than once I was just staring, trying to process what I've just seen. Everyone did a flawless performance and a huge shoutout to the gorgeous Jaiy Twins who brought the songs to life with their stunning performance.

My personal highlight was the moment during the highly emotional ‘I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)' when the crowd sang along so overwhelmingly loud that Matty stepped away from the microphone and just seemed to take the whole arena in, smiling and sharing one moment of connection.

Huge fans of the opening acts as well, a beautiful night to remember and a must-see for every music lover and human being out there. - @parisaIina

545 days since the best and saddest day of my life, when The 1975 played at Latitude and we all stood crying in each other's arms at the barricade. Several flights, train and bus rides later we were back at the same place but in a different country, now in Belfast.

I was suddenly standing a sea of people buzzing with excitement wondering what the hell we were about to experience. Nervous doesn't even begin to explain how I was feeling, hands shaking and tears starting to fill up. Over a year and a half without the people whose music saved me over and over again.

The band came out, and that's when I completely lost it, it was so unreal seeing them so incredibly happy and full of love, clearly excited to be back on tour. Thrown into ‘Give Yourself A Try' and I could barely stand because we were all dancing so much.

What took everybody's breath away was the stage set up. A gigantic screen that opens up in the middle, three beaming boxes and a huge rectangle in the ceiling that moves down, two equally as huge rectangles on the sides creating a coordinated light spectacle.

Everything is so exactly planned out; this is not only a concert it's a life-changing experience. From every angle, no matter if it's at the front, back, left or right, the show is a completely new experience every time. The visuals connecting back to old videos, notes, vinyl covers or hidden Easter eggs - nobody was ready for that. My favourite ones must've been for ‘Sincerity Is Scary' when they acted out the actual music video on stage with Matty's iconic hat and dance moves. Of course, he had to have a treadmill too.

In ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain' Matty was lifted up, banged on the screen that seemed to move into waves and all of a sudden he was standing inside the screen, literally being a part of the whole concept ‘A Brief Inquiry…' is all about. The album artwork and every single thing surrounding it are incorporated and connected in the stage show, it comes to life and creates a universe of its own.

The 1975 is home. My home. Our home. Seen them overseas more times than in my own country and I'd travel a lifetime for them. Words cannot explain how proud I am of them for doing this, creating astonishing music, a live show out of this world, connecting so many people giving all of us more than we can ever give back.

"This song is for you, and it's always been for you," Matty stated before playing 'Robbers'. And that sums up the whole night. The dream that is The 1975's live show is built for the fans. It's not living if it's not with The 1975. And I'd never want it any other way. - @linneatjernberg

The stage show and lighting were breathtaking; I've no words for the ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain' - it's always been my favourite but the way the fragility of life was portrayed in Matty's singing and the amazing set tonight was out of this world. 'Sincerity is Scary' had everyone full on smiling, it was brilliantly done and yet another real highlight of the show. 'Loving Someone' was, as always an absolute belter! And don't even start me on ‘I Always Want To Die (Sometimes)', I was genuinely close to tears. Having seen the band many times in various venues, this was definitely more of a "show" than ever before, but it was personal and intimate too - the way they combined the two was fantastically done. God bless The 1975. - Joanna Pimlett

Those who have experienced a 1975 show will know how hard it is to find words which do it justice, and with the new lights, stage, songs and attitude of the band, the difficulty has increased tenfold. Coming straight out of the blocks after a live debut for the 'ABIIOR' version of ‘The 1975', ‘Give Yourself A Try' sets the theme for the night; immense music, dazzling lights, and an electric atmosphere.

Throughout the set, the stage and light show dazzle, comprising of three huge rectangles which moved up and down, and another three even bigger rectangles above and either side of the band, the stage show was something you couldn't miss. A real indicator for just how big the production really is now was during ‘Sincerity is Scary', where a moving platform let Matty move along the stage as if he were walking, while the video played behind him.

The show continued to dazzle, as new songs had their live debut you could see the joy in the bands faces' when the lyrics were sung back to them in full voice, and as old classics were played again it was empowering to see the passion and love that everyone has for this band and those songs.

To sum it up in as best words I can (it really is hard), their energy as a whole band was electric, they played with passion and adorning huge smiles, and it was great to see them so happy. They were back and they knew it, and I, quite literally, couldn't be more in love. - Oscar Pimlett

It was unbelievable. The best part of the show was the band's energy and how they were so happy to be back performing for us fans. These shows are unlike any other because the way Matty interacts with us makes even arenas feel intimate. - @anobrainavery

The 1975 played:

The 1975 (A Brief Inquiry… version)
Give Yourself A Try
She's American
Love Me
Sincerity Is Scary
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)
Loving Someone
The Ballad Of Me And My Brain
A Change Of Heart
Narcissist (with No Rome)
How To Draw/Petrichor
I Like America & America Likes Me
Somebody Else
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)
Love It If We Made It
The Sound

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