Will Joseph Cook – Biggest Fan

‘Biggest Fan’ is about to pull you right into a lovestruck era of pop.


Will Joseph Cook - Biggest FanGetting that balance right when laying out a love song is a process many spend hours going back and forth on. There’s always that desire to maintain a level of composure, one that can only be shattered by going into the depths of heartbreak itself. To be out and out joyous in love – well, that’s a tricky one. Just so happens that Will Joseph Cook isn’t a man of pretence, he’s the guy who’ll put pen to paper on unabashed emotions at a whim, and he’s done it again with ‘Biggest Fan’

Devoted and wistful at every moment, ‘Biggest Fan’ doesn’t go about persuading you of its beauty, but instead jumps straight to the “whisking-you-off-your-feet” part, and from there there’s no looking back. Effortlessly weaving its way across glossy portraits and infectious sun-kissed swoons, ‘Biggest Fan’ is the added bonus of a package that keeps on delivering. Unashamedly sweet, it’s the moment Will proves once and for all that hooks and bangers are just a part of his DNA – a free-flowing waterfall of everything he’s been promising and more.

Crack the window down a bit, let the wind rush through your hair and gaze upwards (even if you’re in the middle of a pissing storm) – ‘Biggest Fan’ is about to pull you right into a lovestruck era of pop, and there’s nobody doing it better than Will Joseph Cook.Jamie Muir