The National – The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

True quality always shines through.


The National - ‘The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness’Some things, they just are. While it’s logic that can be applied to many wildly differing scenarios, it’s especially true when it comes to something of true quality. A tactile, inherent thread that runs right through the DNA that sets it out as the real deal.

That’s what The National are built on. They always have been.

‘The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness’ is in many ways a subtle revolution for the band. From its ‘Especially For You’ ooohs to its Legitimate Actual Guitar Solo, there are elements that you wouldn’t associate with The National. But then, there are others which could only be them.

That wistful tone, that uniquely comforting vocal – you don’t find that anywhere else. It’s the pulpy texture that makes this both a band for connoisseurs, and legitimate big hitters. A definable magic that’s impossible to replicate. But then, why would we want to? Some things, they just are. Stephen Ackroyd