Shame – Tasteless

Direct, unmissable and packed full of flavour.


Shame - TastelessThat transition from the live stage to recording studio can be a hard one. To capture everything vital and unmissable from a precious moment in an underground basement on a Thursday night can seem impossible. After all, there are so many factors making their voices heard, right? When you see Shame live, it’s an experience which makes you feel every scream and every sweaty pore of passion radiate from the South Londoners – an experience which then finds you rushing out once it’s finished to tell everyone you know what’s just happened. In ‘Tasteless’, Shame have captured the bolt of lightning.

Visceral and packed with rawness, ‘Tasteless’ is the sound of a band coming together and pouring everything they are into a three-minute nugget that’d knock out any heavyweight champion. Spitting with frontman Charlie Steen’s commanding jibes, it grabs you right in the face, and pulls you into a spiralling pit of unbridled and uncontrollable intensity.

Underneath is a band packed with a purpose – one that could take on any day of the week with a Saturday night level of vitality. What Shame have delivered with ‘Tasteless’ is the perfect embodiment of everything they do live – direct, unmissable and packed full of flavour. Jamie Muir