Rat Boy – Lovers Law

Try to pin Rat Boy down, and you’ll be left standing.


Rat Boy - Lovers LawJordan Cardy is a chameleon. In the space of a couple of years he’s hit everything from urchin indie to Beastie Boys brat-pop. That’s the joy of Rat Boy. Rarely are two tracks the same as he flies back and forth between deep mines of day glo influences. Never boring, there’s always something new.

‘Lovers Law’ is no difference. All smiley faces and goon faced dancing, it’s an early 90s rave extravaganza. A few bpm away from a erecting a massive tent and throwing down, it’s clear Cardy knows his source material. As ever, there’s a measured respect to the past – never in awe, always willing to play with convention, the talent is obvious.

With his debut album due next year, the only question is if Rat Boy can mould all these individual sounds into a cohesive whole. With a brattishly infectious personality running through the middle, you’d be brave to bet against him now.