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August 2018

Pale Waves - Noises

‘Noises’ feels like a change of pace.
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Pale Waves - Noises
Published: 8:33 am, July 02, 2018Words: Ali Shutler.

Pale Waves have never been afraid. They’ve come a long way since the fizzying bloom of ‘There’s A Honey’ burst into our lives sixteen months ago, but their hit ratio has always remained perfect. Seriously, this band churns out nothing but absolute bangers.

There’s the promise of a debut album on the horizon (which may as well be called Pale Waves Greatest Hits Volume One at this point) but rather than disappearing or going quiet, Pale Waves, are all systems go.

‘Noises’ bangs like everything that’s come before, but while the likes of ‘Television Romance’, ‘Heavenly’ and ‘My Obsession’ deal with the rush of blood of first loves and the want to be wanted, ‘Noises’ finds itself looking in the mirror. There’s no escape in someone else. There’s no place to hide.

And that suits Pale Waves just fine. The more the spotlight has been shone on them, the more they’ve dazzled in its gaze. An arms race in shining bright, ‘Noises’ toys with control. It embraces losing it. They strip things back, they build things up, more robust than ever before, but that urgency never falters. 

They’ve stared down every challenge as they march forward, one eye on the horizon - a new song for every step up. But ‘Noises’ feels like a change of pace. It shares unspoken thoughts, back of the mind worries and all-consuming doubts. Those emotions and fears have always been lurking in the background, finding a home in the shadows while the band play in the neon strobes, but now they too have come into the spotlight. And still Pale Waves aren’t afraid.

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Pale Waves have dropped a new video for 'Noises', in which Heather Baron-Gracie breaks out the sticky tape

Pale Waves have dropped a new video for 'Noises', in which Heather Baron-Gracie breaks out the sticky tape

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