London Grammar – Rooting For You

It’s pretty stunning what one track can do.


London Grammar - Rooting For You
It’s pretty stunning what one track can do. Back in 2013, London Grammar not only seized our hearts, but gently pulled it into space and wrapped it in a blanket of red-raw honesty and dazzling spectral gazes. It was the sort of refreshing electro-tinged sounds that made you stop everything, a magic treat for the ears that was the sweetest treat anyone could try. With ‘Rooting For You’, those memories come flooding back – stepping out from the shadows and slowly turning that light dimmer up on their next bold step.

Hannah Reid’s voice soothes like a preacher at a pulpit, a reassuring hand on the shoulder for a year that sits as big as it does terrifying. Allowing space and room around every moment, it’s the sort of track that finds strength in its vulnerability – an instant trigger of hairs on the back of necks around the world. With a lush symphony guiding you home, ‘Rooting For You’ is London Grammar doing what they do best, and in the process offers a glimpse of how important this band have become.

It’s the chilling opening credit we need for 2017, and one that welcomes London Grammar into a unique club of bands who at every infliction signal emotions that most could never put to paper. ‘Rooting For You’ is the hopeful vision for a year that’s more important than most – which with one four minute listen can change the way we look out the window. It’s a new day, a new year – a moment to take the darkness and switch it into light. It’s pretty stunning what one track can do. Jamie Muir

You can listen to London Grammar’s ‘Rooting For You’ on our Brand New Bangers Spotify playlist now.