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November 2018

Kurt Vile - Loading Zones

Everyone’s favourite long haired guitar slinger is back.
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Kurt Vile - Loading Zones
Published: 10:07 am, August 22, 2018Words: Jake Hawkes.

Everyone’s favourite long haired guitar slinger is back, and he’s irritating traffic wardens all over town. Kurt Vile’s new track ‘Loading Zones’ comes with a snazzy video of him doing a few chores and violating some parking laws like the outlaw he is.

Illegal activities aside, the track is a crystallisation of what Kurt does best, with a laid-back vibe that almost makes you forget just how technically impressive the guitar line that accompanies it is. His vocal wanders lazily over the top, rambling about his aching back, getting his shopping done and just generally driving around town.

We’ll be honest with you dear reader, you won’t like this track if you don’t like Kurt Vile. Aside from a misleading electronic warble at the start it’s very much a continuation of what he’s always done, but that’s not really the point, is it? ‘Loading Zones’ comfortably sits towards the top of Kurt Vile’s back catalogue, and makes us pretty bloody excited for what he’s got up his sleeve.

It may have come a bit late in the year to soundtrack a lazy summer’s evening, but press play, close your eyes and stick a pair of shorts on and you might just be able to convince yourself that there’s still a heatwave happening.

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