King Nun – Hung Around

‘Hung Around’ is the sound of a band who know how good they are.


King Nun - Hung AroundWhen King Nun dropped ‘Tulip’ towards the end of last year, it was like an earthquake. It was the sound you’d usually hear from a band that would of been heard coming from a mile away. What made it so powerful, was that it was a jolt completely from the blue from a band with the prize gripped firmly between their teeth. With ‘Hung Around’ they’re showing off their swagger in emphatic style.

Strutting with the confidence and bravado of a peacock rolling through London Zoo during show time, ‘Hung Around’ is a track that knows exactly what it’s doing. That intoxicating chop and chuck pout is an alluring pull into a refreshing new direction, an example of the all-encompassing surroundings that King Nun could take themselves down. It’s a band showing that if they’re going at 100 miles and hour or gliding along at 20 – they can’t be caught and look just as magnificent either way. Defying the norm and booting it right out the front door in the process, King Nun sound like a band fully enjoying the path they’re carving out for themselves and revelling in the freedom that sits around them.

‘Hung Around’ is the sound of a band who know how good they are, and when that moment happens – you know we’re in for something pretty special. Jamie Muir