Get Inuit – Barbiturates

It’s the first mega-banger of 2017, and it’s a doozy.


Get Inuit - BarbituratesJanuary is the sort-of month where everyone licks their wounds. It’s a month where we take stock, fail to keep up with New Years Resolutions and then finish-off any spare mince pies scattered around the house. If anything, it’s a month where we promise to change shit around and then fail miserably – unless you’re Get Inuit. We’ve had the storming fuzzy-pop sounds ring through with ‘Teriyaki’ and now they’re shooting even bigger, with ‘Barbiturates’, the sort of anthem that signals just how big those stages are about to become.

Packed with not one, but three sweet hooks – it’s the scuzzy noise-pop version of Bohemian Rhapsody that you thought would never happen. From the delicate campfire plucks, to the Nirvana-esque cuts that shimmer through its first third, to the dank breakdowns and succinct pop that breathes and blossoms in front of your eyes as the track careers to the moon – this is Get Inuit chasing the crown in the manner only they could pull off.

‘Barbiturates’ is big. It’s the bouncer on the door of Weatherspoons who knows all the locals and takes no shit at all. It’s the runaway train that’ll drag you from the platform straight to Get Inuit’s world of unabashed melodies, deafening hits and shimmering colours. More importantly, though, is that ‘Barbituates’ signals the moment where Get Inuit mark themselves as the real deal, all whilst maintaining that core ingredient which has lead them into 2017 – a commitment to bringing the fun times back. Jamie Muir