Formation – Powerful People

With a debut album on the horizon for early next year, it’s time for Formation to shift a gear.


Formation - Powerful People What we’ve known for a while now is that Formation are on to big things. Their delectable blend of impassioned soul with electronica’s most all-encompassing flourishes has meant that their path has been coursed in only one direction. Yet beneath the hooks and lush sounds has always been an unwavering passion for independence, of a cause to fight for and a direct call to look at the world around us for what it really is. That’s never been clearer than with ‘Powerful People’.

Bubbling like a boiling pot of menace, ‘Powerful People’ goes straight for the jugular. Frontman Will Ritson’s state of the nation address to “look at the Powerful People, stuck in their wonderful world. Who is going to help them, give them what they deserve” is packed with the emotion and knowledge that Formation are living and breathing into a vital band for 2017. Full of panoptic glides and soaring realities, ‘Powerful People’ is underpinned by that sense of submerged darkness – and the moment where accepting it is no longer an option worth surviving through. That wall of sound that’s made Formation an unmissable soundtrack to the modern age reaches new heights here, snarling with purpose at every turn and fleshed out into a package that’s as infectious as it is essential. By the time those 4 minutes are up, you’re ready to hit the streets.

We’ve seen Formation show they’ve got an arsenal of bangers, but ‘Powerful People’ is something else. It’s the moment where soul, purpose and electro grooves melt into one and become a soundtrack for today. Formation aren’t just ready for 2017, they’re ready for a revolution. Jamie Muir