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April 2019

Foals - On The Luna

Ultra confident and packing a groove, Foals are on a charge.
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Foals - On The Luna
Published: 9:33 am, February 19, 2019

When Foals first started talking about their two-part album extravaganza, 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost', they dropped in the suggestion that the first instalment was the one packing the grooves. Boy, were they right.

'On The Luna' isn't so much strutting its way to the light-up dancefloor as it is holding court in the middle of it. It's still formidably Foals - those signature moves are all present and correct - but it thrusts forward with such assured confidence, it's evidence of just how far that festival headliner tag has brought them.

It's not that they've ever been short of swagger or ambition - far from it - but there's an underlying assuredness which makes what previously felt like a band pulling themselves up the ranks become comfortable in that new skin. More than that, though, they're prepared to have fun with it too. The biggest of all billings is surely only a matter of time.

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