Fickle Friends – Hello Hello

Fickle Friends haven’t just stumbled into that role of superstars in waiting.


Fickle Friends - Hello HelloWith each release, Fickle Friends have been laying out a path. It’s a step-by-step guide to the stages they were born to play on and the seas of fans they’re destined to have bouncing along to their every whim. For some bands, the music they make grows and becomes anthem-ready hits – but for Fickle Friends, they trade in something entirely different. The crafted bangers they come out with are aimed squarely at the biggest moments, and in ‘Hello Hello’ they’ve proven once again why being an important band hasn’t just come to them, but has been engrained in every note and flick of what they are.

Bristling with effortless pop charm, ‘Hello Hello’ is a nod to everything that’s come before – the soaring hooks, the shimmering beats and the glistening winks that have taken Fickle Friends squarely into our hearts. It’s the sort of track that sounds like it could roll out on the very first take, as natural to Fickle Friends as water is to the ocean. What makes ‘Hello Hello’ most exciting though, is that it confirms how bottomless that bag of bangers is – that at every turn they once again deliver a track most bands would beg to have just one of.

Fickle Friends haven’t just stumbled into that role of superstars in waiting, it’s a position they’ve aimed squarely at from day one. With ‘Hello Hello’ that party just seems to get bigger with each and every chorus. And that’s exactly how we want it. Jamie Muir