Fickle Friends – Brooklyn

Where Fickle Friends are going, we’ll only need bangers.


Fickle Friends - Brooklyn Fickle Friends trade solely in bangers. That’s become clear over the past year or so, delivering unquestionable hook after unquestionable hook which not only are ultimate stereo essentials, but the sort that you head to at any time of the day for a burst of energy and vision. The world of Fickle Friends is bursting with potent pop peaks, and scaling them has never been as glistening as ‘Brooklyn’.

Drenched in neon and oozing with summer-beach cool, ‘Brooklyn’ is the moment where Fickle Friends truly hit their stride – effortlessly moving through the funk-inspired LA daydream that jumps right through your ears and into your head in no time. Once the trigger pops with another sky-high chorus, you’re right back in that dream-like sphere – away with Fickle Friends in their post-21st century world which lives and flourishes in sun-kissed moments of love, longing and life.

More than anything, ‘Brooklyn’ is the defining point where everything that’s come before it is distilled into a sweet cocktail that just soothes down your throat from the very first listen. It’s the late-night jam that points to tomorrow being better than the day before, and the track you’ll be spinning every time you want to bliss out with your mates after a long day.

It’s not a summer hit. It’s not an 80s hit. It’s Fickle Friends and it’s timeless. Jamie Muir