Dream Wife – FUU

Don’t mess with Dream Wife.


Dream Wife - FUUHas any band ever felt as effortlessly cool as Dream Wife do right now? It’s not the definable qualities – the strong stance, the effortless moves, the string of undeniable bangers – it’s the things you can’t quite put your finger on. While other bands may play the game well, this trio feel like they’re playing by another rule book entirely – and they’ve already thrown it out the window.

‘FUU’ isn’t just great, it’s perfect. Growling from the word go, it’s a baseball bat to the nuts of all logic. Too sweary to ever find airplay, too violent to be seen as respectable, it couldn’t give less of a fuck. “I wanna fuck you up,” Rakel screams, before dropping into an all together more scary take on a Spice Girls classic. Nobody else would dare, but for Dream Wife there’s not even a second of doubt.

Knuckles tensed, they’re ready to rain blows on 2017. If it comes down to a scrap, there’ll only be one winner.