Bleachers – Don’t Take The Money



Bleachers - Don't Take The MoneySome people say you can’t really call people geniuses, but y’see – those people clearly haven’t met Jack Antonoff. Whether it’s welcoming in a cauldron of anthem-ready heavyweights with fun. or playing a hand in every bonafide pop smasher of the past few years (see Lorde’s recent comeback, Taylor Swift, Sia and Grimes amongst many more), his stamp is one that’s plastered all over the charts. Yet it’s with Bleachers that Jack can call himself “at home”, full of those New Jersey roots yet dazzling in its effortless knack at becoming the tune you hum all day, with a storming debut album to prove it in ‘Strange Desire’. Its twists and turns are the foundations of what comes next, and with ‘Don’t Take The Money’, Jack has returned on a whole other level.

Surging with that driving sense of dreaming for more, it’s a track that doesn’t just burst back but blows the bloody doors off. Bristling with the heart of Springsteen glossed in neon paint, ‘Don’t Take The Money’ is the track every pop star in the world would bite their hands off for – an unrivalled three and a half minutes that doesn’t so much whisk you away but sweeps you right off your feet.

More than anything, the return of Bleachers feels like a crowning moment waiting to happen. After years of defining a sounds, Jack Antonoff is heading to the front of the stage, and with ‘Don’t Take The Money’ soundtracking it all, 2017 is going to sound blooming gorgeous.

Genius. Jamie Muir