Black Honey – Somebody Better

Lights! Cameras! Action!


Black Honey - Somebody BetterWhen Black Honey open their mouths, it’s like a motion picture rolling into focus in front of our very eyes. Whether it’s the runaway-chase of ‘All My Pride, the intoxicating moment of darkness in ‘Headspin’ or the sunset of ‘Hello Today’ – every touch is about cinematic-sized life. That’s a scale that bleeds straight out of ‘Somebody Better’, a mountain-top surge of resilience that places Black Honey into another league of life-affirming bands.

Searing with an almost uncontrollable fire, ‘Somebody Better’ soundtracks a band who have already blazed their way onto a platform where the only way is up. Turning glam into sugary-sweet drops of blistering euphoria, it refuses to lie down quietly – spitting squarely in the face of failure with a laugh and a wink.

More than anything, it cements exactly what makes Black Honey so bloody great. They’re a band that will always paint the pitfalls of life into romantic visions that never fail to rally a response. We may have already missed the Oscars this year, but there’s no doubt as to who’ll be scooping the big awards in the near-future. We just hope Black Honey have a big enough mantelpiece for what’s coming. Jamie Muir