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November 2018

Bastille x Marshmello - Happier

‘Happier’ is evidence that - in amongst the churn - Bastille can still do the unexpected.
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Bastille x Marshmello - Happier
Published: 12:00 am, August 17, 2018Words: Stephen Ackroyd.

Bastille have never been deliberately awkward. They’ve never rooted themselves in the lo-fi or attempted to make themselves difficult to love. They’re a huge, grand scale, mainstream indie pop band that have pulled themselves up from the smallest of stages to the biggest of fields. And yet ‘Happier’ is on a whole other scale.

Teaming up with Marshmello - a man who attracts chart hits at such velocity he needs a helmet to protect himself from yet another one bashing him round the noggin - Bastille have shifted from slick film noir epics to pulsating euphoria. ‘Happier’ basks in the light of glow-sticks, soaring high above sticky floors on Dan Smith’s always pitch perfect vocal.

This isn’t simply a vocal line provided to an identikit track designed to shift units or grasp for attention. It’s the spirit of Bastille projected with laser like precision through a different prism. Trying new things, with a new album and the next instalment of pop their Other People’s Heartache mixtape, there’s a lot of music to come over the next few months. ‘Happier’ is evidence that - in amongst the churn - Bastille can still do the unexpected.

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